About KaleidoEye

KaleidoEye is an innovator on the stage of youth leadership providers. We facilitate youth to become designers and leaders of their own lives. With laser focus on self-awareness and self-management skills, our goal is to provide youth with effective “lenses” to filter modern day concerns and proactively create their best self.

Our core beliefs:

  1. Positive, sustainable change occurs from the inside-out.
  2. Leadership development is a critical component of one’s success.
  3. Students learn best when they have an opportunity to “own” what they’ve learned.
  4. The accumulation of knowledge is not enough. True growth occurs when students are given an opportunity to transform knowledge into wisdom.
  5. A teacher’s primary role should be to assist in the process of self-discovery.

Our partners:

  • Kyrene School District
  • Scottsdale School District
  • Center for Education Excellence
  • Rancho Solano
  • East Valley Boys Youth Service
  • National Charity League
  • Tempe School District

Our mission

We are the spark that ignites positive, sustainable change from the inside-out.