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All three of our children have developed skills under Mike’s coaching. After three years, our 13 year old son continues to apply the tools he acquired in his life with positive results. During sibling conflicts we’ve often heard Mike’s verbal techniques being exchanged and conflicts being resolved. Mike brings advanced techniques to a level the youth can comprehend and apply in their daily lives. Thank you Mike for giving our children the gift of confidence and effective communication.

Patti Tollefson

Mike’s program is very inspirational – the absolute best – to inspire greatness in teens. Mike Sissel is the perfect instructor for this class. He has a vivacious, entertaining teaching style that relates genuinely to his students. Because he believes in the potential of every kid, they get that, and they absolutely love him. With a mission that undisputedly helps teens believe in themselves, inspires self-confidence, assists with resisting peer pressure and helps build friendships, you can’t go wrong. Having the right tools for emotional resiliency are keys to a successful life. Watch out parents, you might find yourself doing some introspection right along with the class!

Cindy De Silva

At first my daughter was leery about what she would be doing and learning, but after the first day and especially after the first week, she was hooked. My husband and I would discuss Mr. Sissel’s nightly reflections with her, not only to reinforce the important concepts she was learning, but just listen to what she felt she was getting out of the class in her own mind. I noticed a significant difference in her overall attitude and willingness to communicate this past month. Thank you for your willingness to have our kids think outside the box and for generally caring about the kids…it really showed. You are an amazing teacher/mentor/friend to these teens.

Joanne Harris

Mike has helped him become a confident pre-teen. Our son is a good student, friend and brother to his three siblings. Mike is teaching him the tools necessary to become GREAT at all three! We have watched our son evolve over the last few months. There are fewer arguments about homework and fewer fights with his brothers and sisters. Our son is realizing that being himself is good enough. We can’t thank Mike enough and would highly recommend him. Mike is the perfect role model and coach for our son.

Matt and Ann McLaughlin

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