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Mike Sissel and his Kaleidoeye curriculum bring out the best in “YOU”th! Mike has an uncanny ability to help kids see themselves and their world with a very healthy lens. He teaches them to see and confidently pursue possibilities. There is a chemistry at work between, Mike, Youth and Leadership….you know it when you see the youth!”

Michelle M. Mace
M3B Inc.

Having been in the coaching profession for many years, I’ve gained the most satisfaction by having the opportunity to help shape the character of my players, ultimately preparing them for life beyond baseball. Mike Sissel is a masterful coach who shares a similar passion for the “game of life”. His ability to connect with young people is unmatched. If you have an opportunity for Mike to coach your child, it will truly be the “gift” that will keep on giving. He has been a blessing for my family.

Pat Murphy
Bench Coach – Milwaukee Brewers

Our mission at the Freedom Writers Foundation is to empower educators and students to positively impact the world around them. Following Mike’s participation in our Freedom Writers Teacher Institute in 2008, I’ve had the pleasure of watching him carry out this mission through the creation of his own youth leadership service company, KaleidoEye. Mike is a dynamic individual who has a tremendous passion for empowering today’s young people. His work will continue to touch lives and I’m grateful for the positive change he is making in the world.

Erin Gruwell
Founder – Freedom Writers Foundation

All too often I believe we miss the opportunity to celebrate people who uplift, serve, and enhance life. I do not want to miss this chance to share that Mike Sissel is that kind of person.

I have known Mike for about 3 years now and I have consistently watched him live through his values. He embraces the responsibility and desire to seek out the best in others, and he lives with the daily purpose of cultivating success, joy and abundance within others. I always believe that a truly impactful person leaves you not with a sense of how magnificent they are, but rather, they leave you with a greater sense of your own self efficacy and worth. Mike elicits this feeling inside of me and all those whom he serves.

Speaking of how Mike serves, I am a parent and there is nothing more precious to me that my daughter. Mike has made it his lifelong mission to uplift and empower youth so that they may someday lead, grow, heal, and inspire the world.

Self-doubt is more paramount than any other health concern. Low self-esteem is more prevalent than pollution, or famine. Within the realm of the human psyche so many live with the constant inner dialogue of fear, doubt, self- loathing, self-criticism, limitation and anxiety. Mike seeks to soothe and eliminate these concerns from youth so that they may learn the strategies of what it means to win; to win in the daily game of life.

I wish that all who have the chance to experience Mike’ s presence and practice have the true honor to do so. For that is what it is.

Dr. Jason Kolber
Specialist in human and athletic performance

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