KaleidoEye’s innovative youth leadership program can be administered in a number of settings. We have adopted the word “coaching” when referring to any of our services because it is our belief that a great teacher is more importantly a great coach. Not only do we disseminate powerful information throughout this leadership journey (teacher), we also serve as a guide along the way (coach).

KaleidoEye Coaching (personal empowerment)

Our KaleidoEye Coaching for individuals is directly aligned with our mission to create positive, sustainable change from the inside-out. Therefore, each of our coaching sessions is designed to empower the individual with the necessary social and emotional tools to facilitate this change. In addition, we understand that parents are the primary educators in their child’s life. With this notion in mind, we provide parents with a content summary following each session. The ultimate goal is to create a support system that consists of a common dialogue and one that enables the child to apply the tools.

Why choose KaleidoEye Coaching with Mike Sissel?

photo of Mike SisselI strongly believe that a great teacher must also be a great coach, especially when it comes to the game of life. While teachers are masterful at delivering content, or knowledge, coaches excel in the process of helping to transform this knowledge into wisdom. As a former classroom teacher, Mike understands the delicate balance between teaching and coaching when it comes delivering a lesson. With KaleidoEye Coaching, Mike will not only teach your child very powerful content, but more importantly empower him/her through the process of applying the various lessons to a set of unique life circumstances. The end result is a sense of ownership and pride on the part of the student, knowing full well that they can create positive change in their own lives.

Coaching Specifics

Length of program: 8 weeks
Length of sessions: 1 hour
Age requirement: 8-16 years old
Included in program:

  • A follow up email to parents after each session with a summary of content.
  • A homework assignment for the student designed to reinforce content.
  • Unlimited email access for parents and student to be used for ongoing support.

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KaleidoEye Coaching (in school or enrichment)

Our KaleidoEye Coaching for schools is aimed at creating positive, sustainable change at a community level. Our dynamic ten week program, Lenses of Leadership, is designed to build a foundation of self-awareness and self-management for each student. In addition, our program seeks to address age appropriate, modern day challenges (i.e. bullying) that may be unique to a particular school environment. It is our goal that by the end of the Lenses of Leadership program, all students will possess a toolkit for life that will serve them well in both their academic and personal pursuits.

Lenses of Leadership lesson outline

  • Lesson 1 – My lens on leadership
  • Lesson 2 – Creating positive change from the “inside-out”
  • Lesson 3 – My thoughts as lenses
  • Lesson 4 – Learning to use my KaleidoEye
  • Lesson 5 – The power of the iLens
  • Lesson 6 – Why am I feeling this way?
  • Lesson 7 – My lens on bullying
  • Lesson 8 – My lens on failure
  • Lesson 9 – My lens on school
  • Lesson 10 – My lens on my classmates or peer group

Program Specifics

Length of program: 10 weeks
Eligible grades: 4th – 8th
Length of individual lessons: 30 – 60 minutes

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KaleidoEye Coaching (workshops)

Our KaleidoEye Coaching workshops are customized for an individual youth group or organization. In the past, we have worked with groups such as Girl Scouts and the National Charity League to provide a workshop that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization. Using the Lenses of Leadership program content, we are able to share core leadership principles that help build a common dialogue.

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