Student Testimonials

I needed help and I didn’t know it. In this class, I found out that I was living my youth as an unhappy person. Being in this class helped me see that I needed to branch out and be willing to change. I feel like this class was tremendous for me.

Katelyn H.
KaleidoEye workshop participant

Mr. Sissel has been one of the most influential teachers as well as a role model for life. I found that his unique style of teaching incorporated real-life situations and events to create a respectful, interactive classroom. I found valuable life skills while in Mr. Sissel’s class, and overall his instruction and influence has allowed me to shape myself into a well-rounded individual.

Johnathon B.
former 4th grade student

My life coaching sessions with Mike have encouraged me to dream bigger. He gives me tools that help motivate me to work harder to achieve my goals, and gives me confidence in myself that I have what it takes to accomplish them. I have also learned to use my leadership skills to help inspire others. I love that I can just be myself and think outside the box!

6th Grade

Going to see Mike helps to give me a sense of control. It helps me to get in control of my feelings. He makes life easier and calmer. If you are in a tough situation, he helps you with it.


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