KaleidoEye’s innovative youth leadership program can be administered in a number of settings. We have adopted the word “coaching” when referring to any of our services because it is our belief that a great teacher is more importantly a great coach.


Delivered by Mike Sissel, personal empowerment coaching is directly aligned with KaleidoEye’s mission to create positive, sustainable change in the lives of others.  Each coaching session is designed to empower individuals with the necessary social and emotional tools to facilitate this change.


Our business coaching is aimed at providing mental toughness disciplines for various groups of employees.  Unlike motivational speakers, who may provide a temporary shift in the overall culture of a company, we seek to be motivational coaches.


If you’ve ever watched a sporting event, you’ve likely seen an athlete in physical pain.  Whether it’s a mild ankle sprain or a severe concussion, it’s fairly obvious when an athlete is hurting.  Although some can tolerate freakish levels of pain, the majority will exhibit one of the many tell-tale signs of an injury (e.g. […]



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