KaleidoEye’s innovative youth leadership program can be administered in a number of settings…

Delivered by Mike Sissel, personal empowerment coaching is directly aligned with KaleidoEye’s mission…

Our business coaching is aimed at providing mental toughness disciplines for various groups of employees…

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KaleidoEye is an innovator on the stage of leadership development providers. Mike Sissel, owner and operator, personally facilitates individuals, teams, and organizations to become designers and leaders in their own lives. With a laser focus on self-awareness and self-management skills, KaleidoEye’s content is designed to provide effective lenses to filter modern day concerns and proactively create their best self.

It’s important to note that KaleidoEye is not in the business of motivational speaking. We prefer to use the term motivational coaching as it captures the true essence of our work. Our goal isn’t just to deliver content, but rather to empower people to live what they’ve learned. You can’t accomplish this through speaking alone.

lenses of leadership


the many masks we wear

When we hear the word mask, it’s natural to think of the countless masks people wear on Halloween.  Masks that conceal the human face and lead to intrigue and curiosity on the part of the observer. “Who’s behind the mask?” is an inherent question we might ask when we first lay eyes on someone who’s […]