Pat Murphy and Mike SisselIn today’s high stakes nature of competitive athletics, the quest for the coveted W (Win) can prove to be rather costly.  Right now, countless athletes throughout the country are meticulously preparing for an opportunity to showcase their talents in a game situation.  Often absent in this preparation is a game that often goes unnoticed in today’s uber competitive sports culture.  It’s a game that transcends sports.  We call it The Game Within The Game and unlike a traditional game that occurs on a grass field or hardwood gymnasium, this game takes place in a six-inch playing field between an athlete’s ears.

We specialize in providing athletes with mental toughness tools and strategies that ultimately empower them to win the game between their ears.  Every great athlete will tell you that when they’re in the zone, they’re at their best.  You can’t be in the zone and in your head at the same time.  Therefore, our KaleidoEye Sports Coaching empowers athletes to proactively move in the direction of being in the zone, void of any negative inner dialogue or disempowering emotions.

Why choose Mental Toughness Coaching?

Mike Sissel is a former athlete who excelled in both football and baseball at the high school level.  Following his athletic career, he coached both of these sports at various levels.  Therefore, he possesses a firm understanding of all aspects of athletics.

If you’re committed to providing your athlete(s) with a competitive edge, mental toughness coaching is an absolute must.

If you’re committed to coaching the whole athlete, mental toughness coaching is an absolute must.

If you’re committed to empowering your athletes with a set of disciplines that will extend far beyond the playing field, mental toughness if an absolute must.

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some of our clients:

“Having been in the coaching profession for many years, I’ve gained the most satisfaction by having the opportunity to help shape the character of my players, ultimately preparing them for life beyond baseball. Mike Sissel is a masterful coach who shares a similar passion for the “game of life”. His ability to connect with athletes is unmatched. If you have an opportunity for Mike to work with your team, it will truly be the “gift” that will keep on giving. He has been a blessing to my family.”

Pat Murphy
Bench Coach – Milwaukee Brewers