KaleidoEye Education Coaching is aimed at creating positive, sustainable change at a school level.  Our signature program, Lenses of Leadership, is designed to build a sense of self-awareness and self-management for both students and staff members.  In addition, our program seeks to address age appropriate, modern day challenges (i.e. bullying) that may be unique to a particular school environment.  It is our goal that by the end of our Lenses of Leadership program, all staff and students will possess a toolkit for life that will serve them well in both their academic and personal pursuits.

Why choose Education Coaching?

Every morning, students walk into their classrooms and proceed to empty their physical backpacks.  Whether it’s the previous night’s homework or a handful of textbooks, this process becomes habitual in nature.  Unlike the physical backpack, students rarely have an opportunity to empty (or express) what’s in their emotional backpack.  Often filled with heavy thoughts and/or feelings, the potential repercussions of avoiding the emotional backpack are endless.

KaleidoEye Education Coaching is designed to circumvent the various costs associated with leaving the emotional backpack unchecked.

Click here to watch a brief video which describes the idea of an emotional backpack in further detail.

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Some of our clients:

“Our school mission has always been to educate the “whole child”, including their social and emotional development. Mike’s contribution to this mission, through the delivery of his meaningful, engaging lessons, has made a lasting impact on our school culture. In addition to the rich content he shares with our students, the energy he brings to each classroom is contagious. He has been an inspiration to our staff and students and truly lives the leadership principles he teaches.”

Christie Winkelmann
Principal – Kyrene de las Brisas