Delivered by Mike Sissel, personal empowerment coaching is directly aligned with KaleidoEye’s mission to create positive, sustainable change in the lives of others.  Each coaching session is designed to empower individuals with the necessary social and emotional tools to facilitate this change.

Why choose personal empowerment coaching with Mike Sissel?

Mike strongly believes that a great teacher must also be a great coach, especially when it comes to the game of life.  While teachers are masterful at delivering content (or knowledge), coaches excel in the process of helping to transform this knowledge into wisdom.  As a former classroom teacher, Mike understands the delicate balance between teaching and coaching when it comes to delivering a lesson.  With personal empowerment coaching, Mike not only teaches powerful content, but more importantly empowers the coaching recipient through the process of applying the various lessons to a set of unique life circumstances.  The end result is a sense of ownership and pride on the part of the coaching recipient, knowing full well that they can create positive change in their own lives.

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“Coach Mike!!! Mr. Sissel has made a huge impact in the Brass household for a number of years now. He has worked with each of our three kids at various times in their lives over the past 4 years. All needing different advice, direction, and reassurance. Coach Mike was not only able to accomplish this with each of our children but he has made a huge impact in their lives. The life lessons they have learned and continue to practice every day have made them better people! We can’t thank Mike enough for being part of our lives. He is great for all ages, I have had the opportunity to listen to him speak to adults as well, his message is priceless!!”

Tracy Brass