Mike Sissel continues to be a sought after speaker in the areas of education, athletics, and business.  His message is designed to leave the audience feeling empowered, not just motivated.  While the foundational principles remain the same, Mike will tailor his unique message to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Why choose Mike Sissel as your keynote speaker?

Mike’s highly engaging, energetic style will make it seems as though he’s talking with the audience, not to them.  He’s gifted with the unique ability to make what can sometimes be cerebral content, meaningful and understanding.

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some of our clients:

“I was fortunate enough to pick Mr. Mike Sissel’s breakout session at the last Origami Owl Convention in July 2017. Usually these sessions are about business practices and how to improve your selling. I was so surprised with how this session turned out, and have since become a KaleidoEye fan. He took a different approach on how changing your thoughts can change your day/week/month/year and business. He explained that when a situation arises and it’s not the best of choices, changing your view can change your perspective at life. I apply this daily to my Origami Owl business and my Real Estate business.”

Brynn Williams
Senior Team Leader – Origami Owl