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KaleidoEye is an innovator on the stage of leadership development providers. Mike Sissel, owner and operator, personally facilitates individuals, teams, and organizations to become designers and leaders in their own lives. With a laser focus on self-awareness and self-management skills, KaleidoEye’s content is designed to provide effective lenses to filter modern day concerns and proactively create their best self.

It’s important to note that KaleidoEye is not in the business of motivational speaking. We prefer to use the term motivational coaching as it captures the true essence of our work. Our goal isn’t just to deliver content, but rather to empower people to live what they’ve learned. You can’t accomplish this through speaking alone.

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Quiet Spectators

In the aftermath of last week’s tragic Florida high school shooting, the collective adult voice continues to ring loud and clear on social media.  Whether it’s a passionate call for gun reform or a desperate plea to make teenage mental health a priority, the proverbial heartstrings of the average American adult are strumming. The purpose […]